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I launched King Kat with a burning desire to have a voice. I constantly yearn for some stimulating discourse. Whether it’s discussing controversial topics, sharing must-have products, fashion insights, or offering life advice and recommendations in general. I have a very strong passion for these topics.

But my journey holds a deeper significance. In the midst of ’22, when I hit rock bottom, I found solace in pep talk vlogs and blogs—they became my lifeline. Influencers became more than just figures on a screen; they became older sisters and internet best friends, pulling me out of a dark place. It was through this experience that I felt compelled to be that guiding light for others in need, just as I once was.

"The Cursed King" King Katarina art


King Kat is a lifestyle and media platform that covers a wide range of topics. We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest updates and insights in lifestyle, wellness, pop news, entertainment, occasional music reviews, and our highly recommended King Kat must-haves. Whether you’re seeking fashion trends and insight, wellness tips and advice, staying in the loop with pop culture, or discovering new music and memes, King Kat has got you covered.

At King Kat, we believe that living a modern, vibrant life shouldn’t mean sacrificing your personal style or indulging in guilty pleasures. We’re all about embracing the best of both worlds. From fashion and beauty to wellness and self-care, we explore how you can live your best life without compromising your unique tastes and preferences. We’re here to inspire and empower you to make choices that align with your values and bring you happiness.

But King Kat is more than just lifestyle and media—we aim to build a community that is built upon like-minded individuals seeking intellectual guidance, insightful tips, and entertaining reads. Here, you’re safe. You’re heard. King Kat is a safe space for our intellectual readers. You’re here because we’re probably like-minded people, or at least we try to be. But we do not tolerate high school behavior and professional haters here, so be kind. Always.

We want to be the relatable voice you can trust, a space where we can learn from one another, share recommendations, and explore new perspectives.

If you want to know more about Katarina, we suggest that you read this introductory blog post, Why Being Multipassionate Is Hard: Meet The King Kat Founder.


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