Why Being Multipassionate Is HARD: Meet The King Kat Founder

King Kat Why Being Multipassionate Is Hard

Do you ever find yourself crazy passionate about so many things in life? There’s just this fire inside you that gets ignited by a whole bunch of different interests and talents. Well, you’re not alone in this rollercoaster of passion.

But let me tell you, being a person of passion isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s a wild ride of ups and downs that can leave you exhilarated, exhausted, or even confused all at once.

Ever heard of the word multipotentialite? Apparently, this word is used to describe a person with many interests and creative pursuits. It’s basically the same exact thing as the word multipassionate, but fancier, I guess? However, in my vocabulary, it’s what I like to call person of passion. Shh, I know it sounds corny.

“But what about jack of all trades? Is that the same thing?” No. Not really.

Difference Between a Multipotentialite and a Jack of All Trades

A multipotentialite is someone who has many different interests and passions and excels in them. While a jack of all trades is someone who has a broad range of skills and knowledge in different areas but may not have specialized expertise in any specific field. Is one better or superior to the other? Absolutely not. This is not a competition. People do things differently. We figure out what ways are efficient and work best for us. So let’s not compare that, first of all. I get that they’re both really similar in terms of definition.

But yeah, I get it. It’s hard to figure out what motivates you because you have a lot of interests and passions, everything just seems important. You feel uneasiness about the fact that you are passionate about a lot of things; you feel so lost in life. So you ask yourself… What career path do I choose? How do I divide my time between these interests and hobbies I’m genuinely passionate about? What is it that I make a priority? And lastly, the million-dollar question: what do I really want to do in life?

Hey there, I’m Kat, short for Katarina. For a little bit of background, I’m someone who’s blessed (or cursed, depending on the day) with a multitude of interests. And let me tell you, it can be really confusing when you can’t seem to choose just one thing to pursue for the rest of your life. And when it comes to careers, oh boy. It all comes down to three things for me: impressing people, indecisiveness, and the “I just want it all” mindset.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is more of an introductory blog about King Kat than an in-depth article on this topic. Keep reading if you want to know her 5 tips for people who struggle with being multipassionate and her story of how she dealt with it.

Having lots of interests and being passionate about them is difficult, at least for me. It made me feel lost for so many years. It made me indecisive, especially when it came to choosing the best career for myself. But things can go differently for other multipassionate folks.

I’ve been exposed to an environment of musicians since I was a kid, thanks to my family. Music will always be a part of me. I write songs, produce music, and play various instruments. All I really desired was to become a known artist in the music industry. It was all I wanted. Looking back, I cringe at how unnecessarily competitive I was against other student-musicians in high school. But as the years went by, I became more introverted. And now, in my early 20s, I find it so hard to strike up conversations.

But here’s the thing: music isn’t the only thing I’m good at. I genuinely have interests in multiple areas. The truth is, I want it all. I aspire to be a recognized artist in the music industry, a fashion influencer, a social media manager for an international company, a successful entrepreneur in different kinds of business industries, and, lastly, a content creator. At one point, I believe I even wanted to be a variety gamer-streamer when I developed a strong interest in the gaming and streaming industries.

I wanted these achievements not only for myself but also to impress people, wanting them to see that I could do it all. The weight of these desires overwhelmed me to the point of inaction, and my talents and skills remained untapped. It felt like being too much made me nothing, if that phrase makes any sense.

As a multipassionate person, it was a struggle for me to not being able to choose what career path I should focus on. And so the burning question remains: how the heck do I bounce back from all of this?

It was through this experience that I felt compelled to be that guiding light for others in need, just as I once was. That’s why I founded King Kat—it was the first step I took for my career. Regardless of whether it becomes a resounding success or not, what matters is that I’m taking the necessary steps to make it happen.

The ‘I just want it all’ phenomenon still thrives within me and always will. I have an insatiable curiosity that drives me to explore a wide range of topics as a lifestyle and media blogger. Instead of limiting myself to a specific niche, I want to delve into a myriad of subjects that capture my interest. The possibilities are endless, big thanks to my multipassionate nature.

5 Things To Keep In Mind For Multipassionates and Jacks of All Trades

If you can relate to my struggles as a person with a strong multipassionate nature, and you’re feeling confused about choosing the best career path for you, HERE ARE 5 TIPS FOR YOU.

1) Fully acknowledge and accept your diverse interests and talents.

In a world that often encourages specialization, it’s refreshing to have a multitude of passions and talents. Don’t let societal pressure force you into choosing just one path. Don’t let anyone put you in a box. It’s okay to have a million things that excite you. Embrace your wide range of interests and talents like a kid in a candy store. Who says you have to choose just one? Explore them all, follow your curiosities, and let your passionate personality do the job.

2) Find a common thread that connects your various passions.

Okay, so you’ve got a gazillion interests, but is there something that ties them all together? Look for that golden thread—that underlying theme or purpose that makes your heart skip a beat. It could be your love for creativity, your desire to make a positive impact, or your insatiable curiosity. Find that connection and let it be your compass as you navigate your multifaceted journey.

And let me tell you something, people like us have incredible opportunities when it comes to creating multiple streams of income. Are you passionate about content creation and also have a love for sewing and knitting? Well, this might just be your golden chance to become a YouTuber, sharing tutorials on sewing and knitting while selling your own tangible and digital products. Or maybe you’re into gaming and streaming, but you also have a knack for creating art.

Guess what? You can do both. Course you can. Just look at Lily Pichu, who’s a living example of thriving in that niche.

I’m saying, do it, go crazy. Whether you want to stand out and be unique, or you prefer to follow a more conventional path to play it safe, it’s all fine. The important thing is that you find your own way to bounce back from any setbacks and make your endeavors effective.

3) Don’t let the fear of being overwhelmed or the fear of failure hold you back.

I get it, juggling multiple passions can feel like a never-ending circus act. The fear of getting overwhelmed or failing at something is real.

But here’s the overrated not-so secret sauce: start small. Take baby steps, dip your toes in different pools, and embrace the joy of learning along the way. You’ve probably heard this baby steps saying 5 billion times, but it’s overrated for a reason. It’s overrated because it works for most, if not all, people. Remember, failure is just another word for valuable lessons. Learn to love the messy, imperfect journey and trust that you’re growing, even when it feels like a wild rollercoaster ride.

There is a rule that I like to use whenever I feel an instinct or a desire to act on a goal or a commitment, and it really helps me get through the feeling of being overwhelmed, and that is the 5-second rule. In the 5-second rule, the premise is that if you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it. Strive for progress, not perfection.

There are literally no excuses, especially now that we’re in the 21st century, the Information Age, or the age of technology. You can do whatever you want to do in so many ways. Done is better than perfect. As long as you’re executing your idea and as long as you’re putting it out there, that’s much better than trying to perfect something that you can’t realistically do. Don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you can’t afford to enroll yourself in a course or program that you want? There are hundreds of thousands of free resources online at the very moment you’re reading this.

And make sure that when you use the 5-second rule, be consistent about it.

4) Surround yourself with supportive like-minded people.

You don’t have to do this alone. Seek out your tribe—your people who get you. Connect with people in your niche or fellow multipassionate folks who understand the struggle and cheer you on. Find online communities, join local meetups, and surround yourself with friends who lift you up. You’ll celebrate wins together, navigate challenges, and share in the beautiful chaos of pursuing multiple passions.

If you’ve recently discovered a new interest and want to turn it into a career, take advantage of the abundance of free online resources and platforms such as Reddit and Quora. These platforms provide opportunities to participate in discussions, share content, and engage with communities aligned with your interests.

If you’re an introvert and prefer to do your thing alone, family and your most trusted close friends are also reliable support systems. As long as they contribute positively to your mental well-being without becoming a distraction, their belief in you can make a significant difference in your journey.

5) Maximize the potential of technology and tools that can help you.

In today’s digital age, there are countless technology tools and resources available that can enhance your skills and knowledge to pursue multiple passions. Whether it’s using AI-powered writing assistants to improve your writing, leveraging social media platforms to amplify your message and reach a wider audience, or exploring online courses and communities to expand your knowledge, embrace these technological advancements.

These can streamline your efforts, provide new opportunities, and connect you with a global network of like-minded individuals. Using tech and tech tools can help you maximize your potential and make a greater impact with your multifaceted pursuits.

Jack of all trades
by u/tapinn98 in adhdmeme

“You are not a “jack of all trades,” you have ADHD.”

P.S. a lot of people has expressed that they relate with this meme so much, of course including me lol

Not a great writer and an even worse speaker. Why enter the world of blogging?

Not being a great writer and an even worse speaker, I wondered why I entered the world of blogging.

Here’s the thing, my passion for social media has always been strong. Even before I learned to become a social media manager, I could feel the natural inclination and skills of a marketer deep in my bones. And I admit it—writing has never been my strong suit. Thankfully, in this generation, there are plenty of AI and other tools available that can help me convey my thoughts into tolerable, readable blog posts.

While AI tools can be helpful in writing content, it is not recommended to write blog posts literally with just AI. AI should be used as a tool, only for assistance and quick web research. If AI is the only source of your content, it will most likely not stand out. So know your limits when using AI tools.

If I could go back in time and share my current reality with my 15-year-old aspiring musician self, I know she would be taken aback and disappointed. It’s not exactly the news she had hoped to hear; it’s the last thing she expects. Perhaps it’s best to spare her from this revelation.

But you know what? That’s just how life works. Change happens, and along with it, major life decisions may shift as well. Despite these changes, one thing remains consistent: I will always be THAT person who can’t choose just one interest to focus on. It’s a part of who I am, and perhaps it’s the only thing I’m unwaveringly consistent about. Even the blog categories on this website will soon speak for themselves, serving as proof of my “I just want it all” mindset and my innate indecisiveness. The good thing is, from now on, I’m committed to getting things done and overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed.

About the multiple blog categories…well. Yes, it’s wild. You might think I’m not thinking clearly enough, especially considering the potential impact on my website’s reach and ranking in Google search. It’s true that not having a niche in the blogging industry can pose challenges when it comes to optimizing SEO and targeting specific audiences.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that passion knows no boundaries, and the beauty of my multifaceted nature shouldn’t be stifled by SEO strategies alone. While I understand the importance of website visibility, I also believe in the power of authentic content that stems from genuine interests. By writing about anything that captures my imagination, I can create a space that reflects the true essence of who I am and resonates with a diverse readership.

Get pumped for more blog posts, stories, and experiences as we take on the wild world of passion together. I say go crazy, and let’s break free from the confines of traditional expectations. So, stick around, and see you on our next blog posts.

And by the way, if you’re wondering… Why King Kat? Why King Katarina?

Simply because I think it sounds cool. I wouldn’t want to use the word “queen,” so I thought maybe “king” sounds way cooler and more unusual. That’s about it.


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  1. Bravo. Love the insight! I totally relate to you. Congrats on the start of your blogging career, by the way! Welcome to the club!

  2. I’m proud of you and how far you’ve come. I love everything about this blog. Go live your best life, King Kat! You know I’ll always be just here for ya <3

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