22 Male FASHION INFLUENCERS to Follow For Outfit Ideas

Courtesy of Philipp Hehmann, Vasti Nico, Naji Basma, and Rashid Little

Need new outfit ideas to wear on a first date? Or are you looking for any helpful styling tips for any style or occasion? If you’re planning to level up your fashion style in general, look no further.

The very first step you should take is to follow these male fashion influencers on social media, specifically on Instagram and TikTok. That’s totally free to do. Our King Kat fashion enthusiasts have curated a roundup of male fashion influencers to follow to make it easier for you if you want to know more about men fashion style.

Whether you want to learn styling tips on casual looks, old-money aesthetics, Y2K streetwear, street style men, or anything in between, these are the accounts we recommend to you.

Daniel Simmons (imdanielsimmons)

London-based men’s fashion and lifestyle guru Daniel Simmons has a remarkable talent for transforming casual pieces into classy and luxurious ensembles. He curates styling ideas and GRWM (get ready with me) content, all while showcasing a profound love for neutral colors.


With over two million combined followers from Instagram and TikTok, this fashion influencer has mastered the art of the effortless everyday look. He effortlessly pairs simple, neutral colors with a touch of modern minimalism, turning even the most casual outfits into a statement of timeless fashion. Give him a follow to see more men fashion style tips.

Marco Leisten (marco.lstn)

Marco’s style is more of a street-casual vibe. He often wears straight or wide-leg trousers with a ribbed tank top, and he’s into layering with long-sleeve tops. With almost 200k followers on Instagram, many have been loving his style, asking plenty of clothing recommendations in the comments section. One word to describe his aesthetic? CLEAN.


Ryan Winter (yung_fontina)

Ryan Winter loves to play dress up, experimenting with styles from eras way before the ‘90s up to modern and business casuals that his viewers are into. Ryan’s got a soft spot for suits and button-down shirts, and he likes to mix things up with retro pieces every now and then. One thing he nails is proportions—he rocks high-waisted trousers with a cropped shirt or tucking in a buttoned-up just right.


Ryan also has this certain style that looks like he’s about to rock and roll, quite literally. His wardrobe includes pieces such as striped polos, vintage leather jackets, leather pants, suit pants, and more staples that give off Elvis Presley vibes. So if you’re into those looks, Ryan Winter has got you. And lastly, if you’re a coffee and a book guy, he sort of has content about that too.

Vasti Nico Bayani (scarfxce.xo)

If you’re into cyber-Y2K streetwear looks, this fashion guy is a must-follow. Vasti Nico loves to wear bold accessories and likes to combine sporty, retro, streetwear, and cycling clothes. He constantly experiments with this particular style, which honestly needs a name for itself.


You’d also find Vasti Nico styling button-up shirts, puffer jackets, and flared pants—he’s your go-to guy if you’re looking for this specific style inspiration. One of the best male fashion influencers to follow if you’re the type to go crazy with style.

Tim Dessaint (timdessaint)


Timeless, classy, and versatile—this is how I would describe Tim’s style. He’s got your back with outfit ideas to wear on a date, fall and winter looks to keep you cozy, tips for rocking turtlenecks and hoodies, insights on dressing right for different types of careers, and the art of mixing and matching colors and clothing proportions. His style leans more fashion-forward, but worry not—he’s got the basics down to a tee, making it a breeze for you to amp up your style game.

Wisdom Kaye (wisdm)


With almost 12 million followers combined from Instagram and TikTok, the internet has been loving the fits and his creativity in making his content. His style isn’t common or casual at all, but it’s refreshing to have him on your feed. Seeing his runway-inspired style can make you more open-minded when it comes to high fashion, which can help you expand your fashion sense.

William Nordin (uiriamu_noru)

Another male fashion influencer worth following is William Nordin, a Swedish fashion creator who takes casual street style to another level. His style is easy to take inspiration from, thanks to his organized Instagram feed—his poses and photo angles are on point.

Thomas Chu (thvmxxs)

Aside from being a fashion folk, Thomas Chu also creates entertaining content through short-form videos. This German-based fashion influencer’s signature style is characterised by a fusion of casual and cyber-Y2K-grunge typa streetwear. He wears it so well that he makes it look so classy.

Thomas Chu is a must-follow for trendy streetwear fashion inspiration, especially if you’re a Gen Z (but not limited to).


Philipp Hehmann (streetandgentle)

If you want to incorporate a ‘dad’s going golfing’ look or perhaps nail a smart casual look, Philipp Hehmann is one male fashion influencer to follow on Instagram and TikTok. This fashion creator from Frankfurt, Germany, is passionate about menswear and men’s lifestyle—as it says, “a gentleman’s approach to life” in his bio.


He recommends pieces from head to toe: caps, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. He features great round-ups and recommendations for everything from watches to boots.

Rashad Little (mrrlittle)

Rashad Little is a male fashion influencer who’s based in Los Angeles, California. He’s not so little in the style game, offering seasonal outfit inspiration and an added bonus of fragrance and lifestyle content for men. If you’re in search of the ideal balance between casual and preppy style—a style that isn’t too ‘extra’—I’d highly suggest giving him a follow for more men fashion inspiration.


Luke Liu (lukeliiu)

Luke Liu is a fan of minimal fashion and effortlessly combines it with street style and smart casual staples. You’ll also find videos such as back-to-school outfits, Pinterest-inspired ensembles, cropped clothing, and much more. If you’re a fan of these styles, Luke Liu is your man. A fashion style inspiration that’s definitely worth checking out.


Harry Has (harryhas)

One thing’s for sure, Harry HAS an eye for fashion. If you’re a casual guy who loves to flaunt a classy look every time you step out, you should definitely add Harry Has to your follow list. He also occasionally makes shoe and clothing brand recommendations.

Marco Corradi (mmcorradi)

Marco Corradi’s Instagram feed is so giving Pinterest vibes. He confidently wears pieces that give off old-money aesthetic and minimal street style looks. I first discovered Marco Corradi on his TikTok video, “POV: you stopped wearing skinny jeans” which surprisingly got a lot of unnecessary negative comments. The video garnered almost 7 million views on Instagram and more than 30 million on TikTok. No hate to skinny jeans; they could definitely be styled in a good way.

@mmcorradi It's been a while 🤝🏼 #aestheticoutfit #fashiontiktok #menoutfit #menstyle #fashioninspo #outfitinspo #menstyleinspo ♬ sonido original – yo

Dan Clemt (danclemt)

Dan Clemt is the epitome of bold and pastel colors styled in such a high-fashion way. Surely, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but some fashion folks might be into this style. He wears things that make him look like he’s about to walk on a fashion show. Add him now to your list of male fashion influencers to follow if you’re into these colors.


Reece Walker (reeceawalker)

Just by looking at Reece Walker’s Instagram feed, I’d say he is into vintage style with a smidge of old-money looks. Rocking fits such as inserted ribbed tank tops layered with huge polo shirts or cardigans worn with vintage loafers or vintage sneakers. He makes content like GRWM (get ready with me) videos and outfit ideas that can help you look for new clothing pieces to cop.


Jun Shirai (junrsh)

Another win for the fans of avant-garde and high-fashion street style men. Japan-based fashion influencer Jun Shirai loves to experiment with looks dominated by blacks and sometimes pairs them with bold colors that make his looks pop off.

He loves to wear huge shoe platforms, like combat boots and other chunky designer shoes. Jun Shirai is a perfect fashion inspiration for those who are into futuristic grunge street-type men fashion style.

Tami (untledgrd)

If you want your Instagram home feed to flood with OOTD videos and outfit ideas featuring classy streetwear components that have a loose fit and colors predominantly in neutrals and specific shades of greens, Tami is a must-follow for men fashion style like these.


It’s quite clear that he’s into jackets, blazers, and coats. And eventually, you might develop a certain sense of style and incorporate an aesthetic for yourself if you’re constantly exposed to his content.

David Guison (davidguison)

He is one of the most looked-up male fashion influencers and bloggers in the Philippines, becoming a source of fashion inspiration for half a million fashion enthusiasts or people who are still starting out and seeking fashion guide tips.

jL00ks (jl00ks)

jL00ks’ style embodies trendy streetwear that kind of looks like thrifted pieces, showcasing the knack for wearing pieces that are just in the right amount of being oversized. This fashion creator from Toronto shares various content, including GRWM (get ready with me) videos, fit checks, and styling ideas.


Isaac Hudson (isaachudson)

If you’re looking to level up your casual game without going too crazy or avant-garde, Isaac Hudson’s style might be exactly what you’re searching for. It’s perfect for those men who want to enhance their casual and preppy looks by confidently wearing timeless and versatile pieces. Isaac makes a lot of OOTD videos—a clear and great way for you to have fresh outfit ideas.


Jack Henderson (jackkthelad)

Jack Henderson, one of the two co-owners of the contemporary minimalist clothing brand ‘about:blank’, has a keen eye for (mostly) minimalist style and design, focusing a lot on men’s streetwear and fashion. He also has a lot of good stuff to share when it comes to outfit ideas.

Naji Basma (najibasma)

With photos that are dipped in low-exposure edits, Naji Basma from London has mastered his style by balancing minimalist and casual street fashion, infusing a touch of luxury into every one of his looks.

With a strong affection for clothing accessories, he has generated extensive content focused on men’s essentials and outfit ideas. Follow to see more men fashion style content.

Men Fashion Style Tips — Male Fashion Influencers to Follow

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are still many people who haven’t joined TikTok simply because they see it as a ‘cringey’ social media platform filled with nonsense content and silly dances. But TikTok offers much more than that, especially if you are following the right creators and are in the right algorithm that suits your personality and interests best. Whether it’s careers, gaming, men’s lifestyle, wellness, or men fashion style, you can effortlessly learn more than a thing or two just by scrolling.

If you have more suggestions for male fashion influencers (or could be you) worth adding to this roundup, feel free to shoot us an email at contact@kingkat.co or simply reach out to us via Instagram DMs – @kingkatdotco.

These influencers are only here to provide style inspiration. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the style that suits you best. Forget about impressing others; it’s much more satisfying to impress yourself. Following the trend or not, you can pop off any style as long as you have an eye for fashion.

Again, if you think you should be part of this list, please send us an email at contact@kingkat.co.


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