7 Female Self-Improvement
YouTubers to Follow in 2024

Female Self-Improvement YouTubers To Follow

Sometimes, we just need to hear things that are hard to hear. And what’s better than hearing it from people who don’t know us personally but who we can totally relate to? For sure, there comes a time in your life when you find it better to hear advice from strangers than hear unwanted input from those people around you. Not saying that the people around you give the wrong advice; it’s just that it sometimes feels weird to hear things from them.

The things we see and the people we surround ourselves with can influence our thoughts and way of living, which is why I’m so big on choosing the right influencers to follow on social media. It’s hella important to filter the things you consume online. At the end of the day, only you have the power to control what you expose yourself to.

About These Female Self-Improvement YouTubers

These female motivational influencers have contributed so much to people’s well-being. They cover everything from spiritual mindsets to self-discipline to planning daily routines, which if you think about it, can contribute to people’s career and financial aspects in some way. Some of them also talk about modern social issues and psychological thinking, if that’s your cup of tea.

Think of these women as kind of like your big sisters on the internet—they like to help a girl out. It’s what they do. There’s never been a week where I didn’t watch one of these channels. And I cannot wait to share with you seven of my favorite intellectual, empowering, and literally life-changing YouTube influencers.

Lumma Aziz

Lumma Aziz breakup documentary YouTube
Lumma Aziz — YouTube

This Filipino-Armenian YouTuber is best known for her 3 months of heartbreak documented video that has gained almost 3 million views as of the moment. Her breakup content videos feel so raw and authentic that they attract even male audiences who can very much relate to her situation. It’s so amazing of her to share her vulnerable side with the online world, and that’s what makes her videos even more special.

Aside from talking about relationships and breakups, she also does these pep talk-type videos where she empowers women by telling them how to become the best version of themselves.

I started getting back to consistently writing in my journal because of her.

Here are three videos to get a glimpse of what her channel is all about:

Lumma Aziz was first an influencer in the fashion and beauty niche, mostly promoting swimwear. And eventually created more of that pep talk video content as her audience grew in the wellness niche.


Lavendaire 5 Minute Meditation Guide YouTube
Lavendaire — YouTube

Aileen does DIY videos, habits and productivity tips, travel packing organizing hacks, and of course self-care talks. Lavendaire is my go-to channel when I’m looking for guided meditation and positive affirmation videos. Her calming voice makes her videos the perfect accompaniment to meditation sessions.

Here are three videos to get a glimpse of what her channel is all about:

If you’re a very spiritual person, I highly recommend watching her channel. She has videos on astrology and tarot reading too, if you’re into those things.


simonesquared YouTube Content Creator
simonesquared — YouTube

Here are three videos to get a glimpse of what her channel is all about:

Lana Blakely

Lana Blakely YouTube Self-Improvement Content Creator
Lana Blakely — YouTube

Here are three videos to get a glimpse of what her channel is all about:

And if you’re a book enthusiast, she also talks about them books on her YouTube channel. In fact, she initiated a book club in 2019 but is currently inactive.


Olisunvia YouTube Content Creator
OliSUNvia — YouTube

This content creator’s a little bit different compared to others I mentioned because her videos are a form of social commentary, where she discusses her perspective on society and its issues. While her content might not revolve around the traditional notions of ‘self-care’ and the like, being intellectual and having a say on different topics is somehow a form of personal growth for me personally.

I find Liv’s videos the most interesting because her content is usually about controversial topics—just the perfect stimulating discourse that I need. If you’re looking for a YouTube channel that can expand your philosophical intellect and make you aware of Gen Z social issues, Olivia’s channel is your next stop, no doubt.

Here are three videos to get a glimpse of what her channel is all about:

By the way, totally obsessed with her y2k fairy grunge goth fashion style.

Mina Le

Mina Le YouTube Fashion and Film Critic
Mina Le — YouTube

Mina Le is a fashion and culture commentator and a film critic. But why do I label her as a self-improvement influencer?

I personally view social commentary-type videos as part of the personal growth category. It’s the thoughts and perspectives shared across various topics—they act as a guiding moral compass, subtly imparting hidden life values and lessons.

Here are three videos to get a glimpse of what her channel is all about:


Thewizardliz talks about LAZINESS on YouTube
Thewizardliz — YouTube

It’s crazy that almost every woman of my age that I know in real life watches Thewizardliz. Her YouTube growth has been insane, with almost all of her videos hitting millions of views.

Some of her viewers misinterpret it when she says things like, “Becoming selfish is the best thing I ever did.” I mean, of course, she isn’t implying that you should become selfish to the point where you stop caring about other people’s situations. Truth is, it’s just a strong-sounding phrase for ‘self-care’—without the whole narcissistic vibe. Liz just speaks so straight to the point that it could sound wrong to other viewers.

She’s like that one friend who’s not afraid to drop truth bombs for your own good.

Here are three videos to get a glimpse of what her channel is all about:

There are a lot more personal growth and lifestyle influencers out there, but so far, these are the best self-improvement YouTube channels that I regularly watch and highly suggest to you. These are the channels I like to binge-watch whenever I’m about to eat my meals, y’know?

Watching their videos literally changed my life, and so sharing their platforms with you is the best thing I could do for them. Actually, these women are the ones who gave me the idea to start this blog. When I hit rock bottom in the middle of ’22, I found comfort and peace in their pep talk videos—they became my lifeline. These YouTubers became more than simply figures on a screen for me; they became big sisters and internet best friends who helped me get out of a rut. It was through this experience that I felt compelled to be that guiding light for others in need, just as I once was.

So, if you want to start having a healthy mindset and building great habits, take the first small step now and give their channels a visit. You can thank me later.


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