What Do The KARDASHIANS Think Of Yuri Lamasbella

Yuri Lamasbella - What do the Kardashians think of Yuri Lamasbella
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Among other Kardashian parody content creators who dominated TikTok (and Reels) such as Angelo Marasigan and Bomanizer, Yuri Lamasbella also became a TikTok sensation. They all create Kardashian impression skits, but Yuri Lamasbella has the most spot-on impressions and that one is not up for debate.

Before “The Lost Kardashian” era

Million Views and Followers

After the consistent posting of her first batch of Kardashian skits in 2021, hard work finally paid off and now she’s garnered over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 4 million followers on TikTok, while also securing numerous brand partnerships and sponsorships across various product categories. Now, she’s a full-time content creator thriving in the entertainment + beauty industry.

@yurilamasbella on TikTok
@yurilamasbella on Instagram

It’s hard not to be obsessed with Yuri Lamasbella’s Kardashian comedy videos, her two types of audience (people who keep up and people who don’t) can agree.

If you watch her skits, make sure to always check the comments section, it’s just on another level. The people’s comments will make you laugh even more, the energy in every comment section is WILD.

But as she continues to grow more and more on social media, there are two questions that are always asked about her:

“Do the Kardashians know Yuri Lamasbella?” & “What do the Kardashians think of her?”

First of all, nyeah. They do know her. And second of all, they LOVE and support her. As they should (honestly).

What Do The Kardashians Think Of Yuri Lamasbella?

To be exact, the ones who’ve liked and commented on her videos so far are Khloe, Kourtney, and momager Kris Jenner. The matriarch even followed her on Instagram.

Although we haven’t witnessed reactions from the others (Kim, Kylie, and Kendall) to her videos, it’s impossible that they haven’t seen her videos.

They spoil her by sending packages of their products. Here’s one package from the Kardashians Hulu team:


Who is watching with me???!

♬ original sound – Yuri Lamasbella

While some are shrieking like a hawk and spilling their coffees in their cars due to uncontrollable laughter (based on real comments), some people love her skits only because they think her intention in creating them was to mock the KarJenners. Just like any other celebrity out there, the famous family is known to have a lot of people who don’t like them.

Well, it’s true that she does make fun of the KarJenner’s personalities and mannerisms, it may look like she’s one of them haters but the truth is Yuri is a big fan of them.

There are still a lot of viewers that get the wrong idea though. Many of them prefer binge-watching her videos than watch the actual reality TV show. They’d rather keep up with The Lost Kardashian than actually keep up with the Kardashians.

Viewers saying they watch Yuri more than the show

From copying their looks, from clothing style to makeup, to their voice modulations, to their sassy personalities and even body language… it’s wild. Aside from investing a lot of time and effort into her Kardashian skits, it actually takes a lot of talent to be able to pull this off.

Here’s a list of the highlights of her overall Kardashian skits:

  • the iconic salad shaking
  • Khloe’s long Post-it nails that constantly falls off (sometimes stuck in her hair and fall into the salad bowl) and the immaculate hand gestures
  • Kim’s laugh and mouth lip thing
  • Kardashian vocabulary and inside jokes (nyeahhh, literally, wild, obsessed, Camille the camelstoe, bible, ABCDEFG I have to go, etc.)
  • Kylie’s “ooOooO”
  • Kourtney’s obsession with organic, gluten-free, and fun-free products
  • Khloe’s “not the” commentary and messy wig
  • Other lines: “Kim, there’s people that are dying” – “It’s not professional and it’s not ethical” – “You stole my wedding country!”
  • the long-ass stares and the constant use of their phones while talking to one another
  • the exaggerated expressions
  • the background music that comes in whenever drama starts

Khloe’s Post-it nails and the wig are the most loved overall for sure. Viewers say those are paid actors and that it needs its own show.

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Some people also just started watching the real thing because her skits in a way convinced them that the reality TV show is actually fun to watch.

She even makes Kardashian skits in Spanish. Si, en español.


The Kardashians Novela #kardashians #relatable #funnyvideos #comedy #novelas

♬ original sound – Yuri Lamasbella

Not only does she make impressions of the three Kardashian sisters, but she can pull off impersonating the Jenners (Kris, Kylie, and Kendall) too.

The Kardashian-Jenners are undeniably iconic, doesn’t matter if you hate or love them. They represent a huge piece of today’s pop culture. But Yuri Lamasbella has made their iconic lines even more iconic, so much so that even the non-KarJenner audience is obsessed with and even uses these Kardash one-liners on a daily basis.

The family continues to send her love packages, not only from Kardashians Hulu, but also from their respective brands such as Skims, Kylie Cosmetics, Lemme, Poosh products, etc.

Here’s a video of her receiving a $1500-worth Poosh holiday package from Kourtney Kardashian-Barker.


TYSM 🥹 @Kourtney Kardashian Barker @Poosh 🧡

♬ original sound – Yuri Lamasbella

People were so supportive and also glad that Kourtney (and the family) has a great sense of humor and sent her free stuff.

As her social media reach continues to grow, more and more brands are sponsoring and partnering with her because of her unique way of marketing sponsored products. Even her regular viewers have complimented her for being a marketing genius. They said that her sponsored videos are the only form of advertisement they’re willing to watch repeatedly.

Yuri Lamasbella always shows her support for the KarJenners, some didn’t like that at all and so they unfollowed her. These critics have grown weary of her sponsored content and kept giving unsolicited advice, saying she should keep her entertaining content separate from business.

It’s sad because that’s what content creators literally do for a living. We shouldn’t even be explaining this basic information. It’s just not giving the vibez we want over here.

In December 2022, ‘The Lost Kardashian,’ aka Yuri Lamasbella, made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight, spillin’ the deets on how she makes her viral TikToks and bringing some laughter with entertaining on-camera skits.

Even the FRIENDS’ finest, Jennifer Aniston, is an avid viewer and liker of Yuri Lamasbella’s posts on Instagram. She definitely is the internet’s favorite Kardashian.

If you’re not following Yuri Lamasbella, what are you still doing with your life seriously?

ABCDEFG… I have to go binge her videos again.


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